History & Purpose

Future Energy Week is a collaborative approach to furthering South Australian and global energy innovation.


Future Energy Week was founded in 2021, brought to you by the Tonsley Future Energy Consortium, and hosted at the Tonsley Innovation District, South Australia.

This series of events will showcase the best and brightest in energy and connect organisations with current and emerging innovators who contribute to the much-needed clean energy transition.

Target Audience

Future Energy Week is for any Australian business or organisation that wishes to understand the challenges and opportunities for participating in a clean economy.

This significant event is also an excellent opportunity for students and researchers, who will be targeted by TAFE SA and Flinders University, to help industry and government with innovation and research collaborations.

Key Benefits

Global Positioning

Promotion and branding for South Australia and the Tonsley Innovation District – for energy resource innovation and management.


Opportunity to improve collaboration across the state.

Research Pathways

Illuminate the innovation and research pathways with academia.

Access to Training

Providing a link to training and access to talent from universities across Australia (students, academics, researchers).

Connecting Industries

A mechanism to create links between industry, government, and research.

Entry Point to Technologies

Establishment of an entry point for accessing novel technologies, services, training, research.

Catalyst for Innovation

A catalyst for innovation using nascent technologies or business models.

Supporting Start-ups

The provision of office space and facilities for start-up businesses and innovators.

Our Consortium

The Tonsley Energy Consortium was founded in 2018 by Quentin Roberts (EfficientSee®) to realise a vision of strong collaboration between current tenants and solution providers in energy.

The group of founding members that included Zen Energy, SAGE Automation, CleanPeak Energy, AZZO and EfficientSee has since grown to include the City of Marion, Flinders NVI, TAFE SA, Tesla, Danfoss, Rockwell Automation, Siemens Energy, Total Eren, Maximum Energy, ifm efector and Phoenix Contact.

This dynamic group represents a unique model of collaboration that is the way of the future.

Through this collective, the Tonsley Innovation District is becoming recognised as Australia's Future Energy Hub and is known for many ‘firsts’, including Australia's largest rooftop solar array and hydrogen electrolyser.

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