Discover South Australia's energy transition. Meet energy experts from government, academia and industry and experience Future Energy in action at the Expo and by touring Tonsley's exciting projects.

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Key Educational Themes

Energy Now

The current state of play – hear what energy leaders around the world have to say.

Energy Next

Smart modelling around inclusive energy generation, and consumption.

Energy Future

Innovating and building resilient and sustainable futures.

Value Proposition

Combined Capability

Combined capability in supplying, selecting, developing, integrating and deploying energy solutions.

Providing Answers

Providing answers to domestic and international energy challenges.


One-stop-shop benefit for customers without losing the advantages of specialisation.


Establish working relationships.

Drive Innovation

Drive innovation in energy solutions.

Key Themes


Future Economy

The national and state clean energy outlook, the opportunities and the progress. How industry, government and academia can better collaborate to solve the challenges of transition for Australia and the world.


Future Mobility

The advancement in the mobility sector, as well as the challenges around infrastructure and access. Exploring the cross-sector aspirations of fossil fuels transition.


Future Tech

How technology is supporting the clean energy transition through digitisation, blockchain and other intriguing innovations. Discovering better ways of managing recycling for end-of-life clean energy equipment and assets.


Future Grids

Managing the complexity of changing grid demands and infrastructure pressures due to electrification endeavours. Discovering the benefits of storage, microgrids and virtual power plants.


Future Skills

The workforce planning that is underway and how we are building education and attracting talent. Pathways to transfer skills to the clean energy sector.


Future Fuels

The opportunities and challenges around fuels transition and the exciting developments in Hydrogen, Biogas and Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF).


Future Communities

Navigating the challenges to ensure a just transition for First Nations, Regional and Remote Areas and local communities. Considering the elements of the energy trilemma (security, equity and environmental sustainability).


Future Business

The business of clean energy and technologies for SME pathways to net zero. Navigating the strategies around energy efficiency, carbon accounting, recycling and offsetting.

Future Energy Taster

High school students (Years 9 & 10) are invited to experience an interactive Future Energy Taster experience at the Tonsley Innovation District where industry leaders are already thinking, designing and collaborating at the forefront of CleanTech and renewable energy innovation.

Local schools have embedded Future Energy in this semester's curriculum, with students participating in a clean energy challenge, the winners of which will be featured at Future Energy Week. Students will enjoy an immersive experience via technology demonstrations and engaging interactions with clean energy industry and technology leaders.

Come and experience:

  • Australia's largest Hydrogen Electrolyser
  • Australia's largest rooftop solar array
  • South Australia's leading energy companies
  • Electric Vehicle displays
  • Hydrogen BBQ
  • World Class STEM facilities
  • Hydrogen Education Centre
  • Tonsley's big battery
  • SA's Electric Plane
  • Clean Energy Technology Showcase

For more information, email taster@futureenergyweek.com.au.

Tonsley Accords

Modelled on the Paris Climate Accords, a set of Tonsley Accords were initiated at Future Energy Week 2022 to capture business, government and community views to shape South Australia’s Net Zero Pathway.

By registering for the event, you will be invited to continue the conversation by joining the Tonsley Accords working group, which meets regularly to discuss the key themes of Future Energy Week. Participate in the exploration, negotiation and drafting of shared agreements representing a collaborative energy transition vision. As a collective voice, make the most of opportunities and help shape the energy future.

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Our conference sessions address a wide range of topics such as energy, technology, sustainability and entrepreneurship.


Our speakers are some of the best and brightest who are actively working toward sustainable solutions in their chosen fields.

Sponsors & Partners

Our key sponsors and partners are committed to innovation and the future of energy in South Australia and the world.

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