Sponsors & Partners

Our key sponsors and partners are committed to innovation and the future of energy in South Australia and the world.


We thank our lead partner of Future Energy Week. Our Terawatt partner played a leading role in the, governance, development and delivery of the event.
Flinders University


We thank our premier partners of Future Energy Week. Our Gigawatt partners have played an integral role in the development and delivery of the event.
AGIGDepartment for EducationEfficientSeeKOA Digital


Our Megawatt partners have supported the development and delivery of the event and will kindly be providing content and speakers throughout the program.
Clean Peak EnergyIFMTonsley Innovation District


Our Kilowatt partners are committed to supporting an engaging and dynamic program throughout the event.
City of MarionGPA EngineeringIndustry Capacity Network SALa Loft Hotel, TonsleyMarionLIFEOffice of Hydrogen Power SASA - H2H
Short Event Productions
Trees for Life

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